Ryan Gifford

Newcastle - Licensed Real Estate Agent

A little about me

I decided to leave a successful career in business ownership, and pursue a career in property for two reasons. Firstly, because of my life long passion for property, and secondly I have a firm belief that the process of selling someone’s home can be done better. I decided to come into to this industry to BE DIFFERENT, and to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY and to provide that better experience that vendors deserve.

I understand that selling your home is not just a transaction for an agent to get through, and move onto another listing. Selling a home is often a major event in a person’s life and for the family. I understand the fears that people have about selling their home, and stress it can put them under.

My role is to take that stress away as much as possible. I do this by letting people know the step-by-step process before we start, keeping people continually informed throughout the process and being totally transparent in regard to all correspondence and conversations with potential buyers.

I follow a structured approach to selling homes, which ensures your property is presented well,

the maximum number of buyers are attracted to your home, buyers are engaged at an emotional level, competition for your property is created and then a great price is negotiated and your property is sold fast.

My goal is simple. Get the best price and outcome for you when selling your home, and make the process as smooth and as stress free as possible for you.

To read more detail about me, what I offer and how I believe things can be done better, please visit my website www.ryangifford.com.au


Whilst there are many elements in the process of selling a home, and a wide ranging skill set is required, there are two skills that are crucial in order to be a great real estate agent, and get the best price and outcome for your vendors.


Marketing is one of the key pillars in getting the best price and outcome when selling your home. Your firstly need to ensure enough people know that your property is for sale, and you then need to engage them, and get them emotionally invested in your home before they even inspect it. You do this through great marketing such as 3D Tours and exceptional photography.

Through 15 years of marketing experience in business management and ownership, I provide a marketing package that will ensure your property receives the best exposure possible


This is the one skill that a good agent must have. As without it, your agent may be losing you tens of thousands of dollars. Negotiating is more than relaying an offer from a buyer to a vendor to see if the vendor will accept it. Good negotiation involves increasing a buyers initial offer before any real negotiation begins and much more. Also, each negotiation is different, as each person you are dealing with is different. With my 15+ year business ownership and management experience, my negotiation skills are second to none.


Whilst I service the entire Greater Newcastle area, my specialty is the Throsby Village Area. I have an in depth knowledge of all aspects of the market in this area, as well and any upcoming development or planning changes.

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