Brett Robinson

Business Coach

A little about me

35 years of industry involvement on many levels covering sales, sales management and property management roles with well known brands. So my ..” hands on practical experience…”, over all that time meant I was qualified to commence my consulting business 5 years ago, knowing that I would be able to understand, empathise and associate to what its like to be a sales person, sales manager, owner of a business or a property manager.

20 years of my time in real estate had been spent in senior management roles with major Franchise groups. The knowledge, training philosophy, and having exposure to many franchises all meant I was able to take all this experience along my journey of consulting.

I am a huge believer in training for all levels of performance, with a focus on scripts and dialogues and role playing being paramount to my approach. Accountability and the monitoring of performance is my other focus.

My passion and commitment to seeing people grow within this business, is something I continue to cherish.


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