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Tuesday 12 Jan 2016

I started Dotcom Property Sales as an alternative to the traditional Realestate office model, our aim is to utilize all the modern technology available and give our agents the freedom to give their clients the best possible service.

All our agents are licensed Realestate agents not just salespeople, therefore our clients get professional advice at all times, which gives our clients the best possible outcome.

Here at Dotcom, we value a work life balance and are very community minded supporting such things as World’s Greatest Shave raising funds for leukemia and our ongoing support for Meals on Wheels.

Dotcom Property Sales is the perfect platform for a licensed Realestate agent to run their own business without the hassle and burden of running an office

If you are a licensed Realestate agent or would like to become one and our system sounds like something you would like to become part of, please feel free to contact me for a confidential chat.

— Steve Norris

I joined Dotcom in 2011. I love working at Dotcom as it allows me to run my own business and do things as I want.

I am in complete control of my own income and lifestyle.

Steve has been awesome to work with, being there for support when needed, but never demanding or controlling. He is happy for me to get on with doing what I do best – listing and selling.

The support from the team at the office is first class. Behind the scenes things run so smoothly that I confidently list properties and know that my clients will always be taken care of throughout the whole process.

Moving to Dotcom was the best decision I have made in my real estate career.

— Dave Lane

I was looking for a change from the normal office type, with a young family, freedom and flexibility was important to me.

I was a little sceptical about the Dotcom setup due to the freshness of the brand, however after over 12 months here, It’s something that I wish I considered earlier.

Dotcom provides me with everything I need to do what I do best “list and sell”

Dotcom not only offers me a much better “deal” then typical offices, Dotcom also supply me with full administration support with the latest technology, in turn this helps me get great results for my clients.

If you are considering a change, consider Dotcom, for flexibility and a “better deal”

— Kale Hook

I am relatively new to the real estate industry, so it has been important to me that I have support from those around me. I have had a great time so far with all the team at Dotcom Property Sales, and look forward to being here for a long time yet.

The ability to both work for yourself (which I have done for nearly 10 years in other industries) as well as having a group of people that will go out of their way to help is amazing.

I can focus on working when and how I want as well as getting great ideas from everyone around me. There is no-one looking over your shoulder every 5 minutes to check performance, you can be totally responsible for yourself. For me, this means that the sky’s the limit on achieving the sales I want and still having a life that includes family and friends.

Joining the team at Dotcom has been a fantastic decision. If you are self-motivated then this is the place for you.

— Dean French

With over 38 years working in the local real estate market [25 of which as Principal of my own agency]

I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to be a successful real estate agency.

The agency must uphold the highest ethical standards in all dealings, the team must truly care about the clients interests and the management must always consider the sales team’s welfare.

Dot Com Property “ticks” all the boxes.  We have a great team of Licensed Agents, We have independence; yet work to assist each other where needed. Steve Norris may be the principal of Dot Com, but we are able to run under our own ABN, do our individual marketing and concentrate totally on listing and selling, without the hassles of a general office management etc

Dot Com Property Sales is a truly great concept which I totally endorse.

If you are licensed give us a call to find out how it could suit you.

— Howard Shedden

I made the positive career change to Dot Com Property Sales early this year, a move which has given me the autonomy to create and conduct my business within an effective, modern, virtual office environment.

This  unique  method of practice allows me to conduct my business independently without my presence being required for long hours within the office, and  because it  gives me  flexibility   my  time is managed more effectively.   I can offer my services with full confidence that my knowledge of 15 years experience in real estate is enhanced by other positive motivated licensed agents.

My decision to join the team at Dot Com has been a positive lifestyle change

that has enabled me to pass on better deals to my clients in

today’s competitive market.

— Glenn Barnier

I have been with Dotcom Property Sales since they first opened the doors and I have watched firsthand how quickly it developed into the company that it is today.

I have seen agents come to Dotcom and realise how different it is compared to other Real Estate offices.

Their freedom and flexibility creates such a happy workplace and also creates time to spend with their families.

Feel free to talk to any one of our agents to get their firsthand opinion about what Dotcom is all about!

— Alyssa Gato

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What our team has to say